For General Reservations:

When you reserve a Suite at our hotel, we agree to turn away all other requests for your Suite and you agree to pay the rate quoted for the number of days you reserve. Cancellations more than seven days prior to arrival will result in a $30.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than seven days prior to arrival will result in the cost of one night’s stay plus tax or 50% of the cost of the total stay plus tax, whichever is higher.

Any and all cancellation situations (that are not the responsibility of our hotel) are treated as any other (including, but not limited to, health issues, weather, work or family problems, forest fires, strikes, acts of God, etc.). Please bear these possibilities in mind prior to purchasing your reservation. Be aware that Colorado weather is very unpredictable. Winter weather in the Rockies can lead to hazardous driving conditions, mountain pass driving restrictions or closures, airline delays & cancellations. Our hotel is not responsible for inclement weather. Weather cancellations are treated as any other. Please travel safely!

We strongly recommend Travel Insurance sufficient to cover cancellation costs. Travel Insurance, which is generally inexpensive, can save a lot of emotional distress if an unforeseen event occurs.

** This cancellation policy is without exception.

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